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Anonymous asked:

One of the common arguments against Stiles being in the closet is that they're living in a world without homophobia. Like, people have argued that he shouldn't be closeted because being gay in this world (supposedly) isn't a big deal. That doesn't mean being bisexual isn't a big deal. Straight and gay may be normal in this universe, but bisexuality less so for reasons like the arguments against it today. Which may also explain why Stiles looked so stunned when Caitlin asked if he liked boys too.


That IS possible. Its a painful truth that people who are okay with gays and lesbians are sometimes unable to accept bi-sexuals. 

But I think what’s more likely is that Stiles isn’t worried about everyone rejecting him. He’s specifically worried about his Dad and Scott rejecting him. Both of them are extremely important to Stiles. Easily the two most important people to him right now. And both of them have shown, repeatedly, that they don’t like the Supernatural, and would prefer to have nothing to do with it.

The sheriff has literally turned his back and walked away when Stiles tries to talk about the supernatural, and Scott has made it clear that he hates his supernatural side, and prefers being ‘normal’ even though he refers to it as ‘being nothing’. Talk about mixed messages. 

The bi-sexuality is the same in this case- The sheriff flat out insisted that Stiles wasn’t gay when he mentioned it. Admittedly, there was a lot of other things going on at the time, but that kind of a shut out stays with a person, especially when it’s a topic they are nervous about. And Scott has always ignored or treated Stiles sexuality as a joke. 

Thats one of the reasons we feel these two things are connected in Stiles. And when one comes out of the closet, the other will as well. 

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